Coastal Sunset Face Rock State Park Bandon

Coastal Sunset Face Rock State Park Bandon:-   Let’s guess what you are thinking?

When you think about beaches on the Oregon Coast, your head goes to the north — to areas like Haystack Rock and Cannon Beach, directly? While we fully agree that super hot northern shores such as Cannon Beach and Cape Kiwanda deserve all of the hype they’re given, that is only the start! As you drive down the Oregon Coast, the shores of the southern beach unveil their puzzle and wonder that the further your research.

We are focusing on a few of these beaches today, namely Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint at Bandon, Oregon. There are many reasons why this place ought to be a part of your next road trip to Oregon, and we are sharing what we all know below. Continue searching for the best picture places, places to stay, and much more information to savour Face Rock in Bandon, Oregon!


A good deal of things! By folklore, trendy geological attributes, and epic items to do in the region, there are many reasons to stop by Face Rock in Bandon, Oregon. Face Rock has lots of origin stories; however, the very well-told one is a native story in the Nasomah (Coquille) tribe, roughly Chief Siskiyou’s daughter Kuwana. Following a cheerful collecting, Euwana hurried out to the sea and has been captured in the waves, together with her kittens and cat (which will be a stone formation’s title ), along with her fan, Komax. You may read the complete story of this legend of Face Rock here to comprehend the labels of the formations and also the significance behind them.


Among the very first sea stacks, you may strike Face Rock, the country park’s namesake. Face Rock is famous for its near-perfect side of this legend princess, gazing skyward towards the skies. It is also among the most straightforward configurations to comprehend — the characteristics of the stone make it appear unmistakably like a real face! Photo

Tip: you’re able to catch Face Rock above in the parking lot. However, we discovered that the shot has been impressive when we got nearer to the coast. We captured those seagulls from the foreground to give the picture a while interest and life!

Coastal Sunset Face Rock State Park Bandon HD Wallpaper 

Coastal Sunset Face Rock State Park Bandon


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