Sandy Cay Caribbean Beach

Sandy Cay Caribbean Beach:- Sandy Cay is an uninhabited island of Those British Virgin Islands from the Caribbean. On 1 May 2008, possession of this island has been moved to the National Parks Trust of the Virgin Islands. In 2002, International NGO, Island Resources Foundation directed a project to eliminate invasive black rats on the island.

The island contains 13.57 acres (5.49 ha). It’s a”controlled habitat” area. The island includes a short hiking trail, preserved with the assistance of this Jost Van Dykes BVI Preservation Society (JVDPS), a neighborhood non-governmental organization (NGO). The National Parks Trust subcontracts caretaking duties into the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society (JVDPS), which maintains regular visits from Small Harbour on Jost Van Dyke to keep the trail, do regular bird counts, and eliminate the trash.

The stones on the island also have a greenish color from aluminum ore deposits. The island also includes a little salt pond at its center. The island’s wildlife includes lots of hermit crabs, which prospered following the eradication of black rats in 2003. Numerous tiny islands can also share the title Sandy Cay at the Bahamas in addition to an island at Honduras.

There’s not any beach bar or anything like the island, even though it’s a trendy stopping point for holidaymakers cruising on ships in the region. There’s a tiny daytime mooring area on the leeward (southwest) side of this island.

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